Blowerproof Liquid Spray

Blowerproof Liquid Spray


Blowerproof Liquid Spray is a VOC free polymer-based liquid,  applied with an airless paint spray device, it is clean and quick to apply and creates a continuous, flexible and permanent airtight coating. Blowerproof Liquid Spray can be used on almost any substrate demonstrating superb adhesion on different surfaces such as concrete, brick, wood, metal etc. Used with Blowerproof Liquid Brush for ‘cutting in’ penetrations and connections Blowerproof Liquid Spray is a perfect way to ensure airtightness in both new build and retrofit.

The water-based polymer is spray applied to create an uninterrupted continuous, air and vapour -tight seal on a wide range of surfaces, and for floor/wall connections, wall/ceiling joints, and roof connections

Blowerproof liquid Spray creates a seamless, continuous air and vapour -tight seal over cracks and gaps. Because the seal perfectly follows the contours of the substrate and in combination with the high flexibility and superior adhesion, the connections remain airtight over the long term. Blowerproof liquid Spray is the fast, flexible and durable solution for all airtight connections.

Blowerproof Liquid Spray is ONLY available through our approved application contractor service, if you have a project that would benefit from the use of Blowerproof Liquid Spray please call 01793 847 444 or email for more details or a quote.

Alternatively, you can visit our approved applicator’s website by clicking this link

All spray-applied projects will be tested for airtightness post-application, our approved applicators provide a guarantee of performance for each individual spray-applied job.

If you have an application that might benefit from the speed and efficiency of Blowerproof Liquid Spray please get in touch.


Blowerproof Liquid Spray Data Sheet

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