A couple of questions?

Q. What is the difference between the brush version and the liquid one?
A. The Brush version is reinforced with micro fibres the liquid version has no fibres and is slightly less viscous (thick)

Q. Can I apply Blowerproof myself or do I need a professional?
A. Blowerproof Brush (which comes in a variety of packaging and sizes) is designed for use by builders, self builders and competent DIY’ers. The spray applied version requires a professional applicator

Q. How do I apply Blowerproof ?
A. Follow the instructions in the application guide, basically it is a simple brush-on product similar to using a very thick paint. Use a synthetic bristle brush. For window surrounds, awkward or tricky places, penetrations and gaps locate using the cartridge version and then finish with a brush.

Q. Why is Blowerproof described as blue/black?
A. The colour of Blowerproof is a pale blue, when exposed to air the curing process turns it black, this menas you know when a full cure (seal) has been reached. When applying in two coats, for example on concrete blocks, apply the second coat when the first is black that way you avoid the chance of ‘brushing off’ the first coat but importantly its easy to see where you have already painted on the second coat – it will be blue.

Q. Are there any other colours?
A. Yes there is a white version specifically used where the topcoat will be plaster and a the black would show through.

Q. Can I use Blowerproof to seal gaps ?
A. Yes, especially by using the cartridge, use a standard skeleton gun to locate a bead of Blowerproof in the gap, no more than 5mm deep, a second bead can be applied when it has cured.

Q. Can I use Blowerproof to joint boards?
A. Yes, apply as a bead and push the boards together, ensure a minimum of 2mm is left for the Blowerproof, clean down the board face with a scraper or spatula.

Q. What can you put over the applied product?
A. Pretty much anything from paint to plaster, render or dry lining

Q. How do I know the product will work?
A. Years of testing and use throughout Europe plus a full BBA certification mean absolute peace of mind