Blowerproof Liquid Brush (5kg)

Blowerproof Liquid Brush (5kg)

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Blowerproof Liquid Brush 5kg Tub



Blowerproof Liquid ‘Brush’ is a VOC free, water based, flexible, fibre reinforced, polymer providing a unique and sustainable solution for the production of airtight building connections in both new build and retrofit.
Ecomerchant Blowerproof Liquid Brush

The water based polymer is brush applied to create an uninterrupted air and vapour -tight seal around penetrations, and for floor / wall connections, wall / ceiling joints, and roof connections

Blowerproof liquid creates a seamless, continuous air and vapour -tight seal over cracks and gaps. Because the seal perfectly follows the contours of the substrate and in combination with the high flexibility and superior adhesion, the connections remain airtight over the long term. Blowerproof liquid is the fast, flexible and durable solution for all airtight connections.

Ideal for sealing

  • Service penetrations, pipes, cable, ducting etc
  • Floor to wall junctions
  • Ceiling to wall junctions
  • Window / door jambs
  • Steel decks

Blowerproof Liquid Brush comes in a re-sealable 5kg tub. Allow up to 1kg per square metre on highly porous surfaces for non porous surfaces allow 750 grams per square metre. Also available as Blowerproof Liquid Spray – please call for the spray version.

One 5kg tub will cover approximately 83 linear metres at 75mm wide.

Price is per 5kg tub

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Blowerproof Liquid Brush MSDSBlowerproof Liquid Brush BBA Certificate
Blowerproof Brush Fire Rating

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