Blowerproof Non Shrink Gap Filling Mortar

Blowerproof Non Shrink Gap Filling Mortar

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Blowerproof Gap Filling Mortar is a rapid hardening, non-shrink, cementitious mortar for gap filling. Designed for use to fill gaps greater than 5mm when using Blowerproof Liquid Brush, Blowerproof Liquid Roller and Blowerproof Liquid Spray.


  • Non shrink
  • Rapid setting
  • Easy to use
  • Requires no specialist skills or tools
  • Repairs can be carried out quickly
  • Can be applied in most weather conditions
  • Supplied prepacked for immediate use
  • For use on gaps greater than 5mm. Approved installers of Blowerproof recomend the use of a cementtitious compound to close gaps as a more robust, durable and effective substrate for the application of the liquid membrane. This also avoids toxicity issues relating to PIR foams, dealing with foam waste trimmigs and possible shrinkage.


Blowerproof Gap Filling Mortar is a polymer modified mortar supplied in a 5 litre waterproof pail. Inside is 5kgs of premixed powder requiring the addition of 900ml of clean potable water.

Price is per 5Kg tub

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Weight5 kg